Artistic Talents

If you have been blessed with an incredible artistic talent, would you consider helping our teachers and their teaching assistants to support their teaching programs in Vanspec? Every individual is special, with different ways of communicating; arts is one of them. Your creative ideas and your generous contribution can help to make our teaching program […]

Teaching Assistants

Besides volunteer teaching positions, we also offer the opportunity to become teaching assistants. As a teaching assistant, you will be assigned to a teacher and a student. You will assist the teacher or catechist in the classrooms. It is the golden opportunity for you to observe how other teach, what are the methods or techniques […]

Catechism Teachers

We offer teaching opportunities for those who love to work with children and young adults. Our centres provide the rare chances to apply your skills to assist these special needs individuals to build up their self confidence, social skills and above all, to get to know Jesus Christ. Most of our catechists say that they […]