Catechism Teachers

Our centres provide those who love working with children and young adults the unique opportunity to apply their teaching skills with special needs individuals. Imagine playing a part in building up the self confidence of a special needs child, improving his/her social skills and, above all, in getting this special individuals to know and truly love Jesus and Mary! Most of our catechists initially come to us thinking they are called to help but, in the end, recognize that they have gained so much more from their students.

Many Catholics have the opportunity to come to daily Mass and receive the Sacraments. We are blessed, for example, to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion – becoming united to Christ “who makes us sharers in His Body and Blood to form a single body” (CCC1331). But sometimes we take this awesome privilege to for granted. Others do not have that luxury as they are unable to attend the regular catechism classes necessary to prepare them to receive the Sacraments. Though their reasons may vary, the tragic reality is that these souls have thus far not received the abundant gifts of the Sacraments. This is why Vanspec exists!

Our program provides an alternative to the conventional PREP class setting, the one-on-one might be just what our special students need. Although some students with disabilities can be accommodated in the regular PREP setting.

Though some students with disabilities can be accommodated in the regular PREP program, Vanspec provides an alternative to the conventional large-group setting. One-on-one instruction may be just what these special students need. And to reach every individual who will benefit from such a one-on-one learning environment, we always welcome new catechists to join our team. Only when you step up to teach can we accept another student seeking Sacramental grace.

God showers us constantly with His gifts, graces and loves. He invites you now to collaborate with Him.

Will you do the honor to introduce Jesus to these special children of His?

Say YES to the call to become one of our catechists!


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Go and teach all people my gospel; I am with you always, until the end of the world.
Matthew 28