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I have accomplished so many achievements overall as a student.
Receiving 3 sacraments with Vanspec was the
greatest accomplishment I have ever done.

You are my family!

Jacob Fresnoza, Alumni

Isabela (Bela) my daughter has been
going to Vanspec for six years now.
She absolutely loves it there.
I can see it just the way she smiles
and runs up to the door once we arrive.

Feel at home

Antonela Udovicic, Parent

When Sr. Esther took over the role as Director,
she started the Vanspec Alumni Group &
that was a big turning point for me.
Vanspec is now a big part of my life
& always will be.


Katie Chu, Alumni

There is no better blessing than to witness the spiritual
growth of a child. It’s even more of a privilege to journey
with a beautiful girl who happens to have
Down Syndrome and autism.

Serve and Be Served

Cecilia Cho, Teaching Assistant

At VANSPEC, the ethos is peaceful, spiritual, active and fun.
It is a joy to see children blossom as the year goes on
and to journey with them to the Sacraments.

Vanspec Ethos

Barbara Cook, Catechist

Each child is different and brings his/her own
strengths into the class. They have taught me
to ‘just be in the moment and
take one step at a time’.

The Joy of Teaching Vanspec

Dorothy Lee, Catechist

VANSPEC has played a huge part
in Mary’s life and our family life over the years.
I will always be grateful that Mary made
her First Holy Communion and Confirmation
with the help of the dedicated, volunteer teachers.

A Wonderful Program for Our Daughter

Margot McLaughlin, Parent

Volunteering is a passage of reflective encounters
certain to enlighten an ongoing faith formation
of the true presence of God.

The One-to-One

Mildred Briones, Catechist

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