When Sr. Esther took over the role as Director, she started the Vanspec Alumni Group & that was a big turning point for me. Vanspec is now a big part of my life & always will be.

Serve and Be Served

There is no better blessing than to witness the spiritual growth of a child. It’s even more of a privilege to journey with a beautiful girl who happens to have Down Syndrome and autism.

Vanspec Ethos

At VANSPEC, the ethos is peaceful, spiritual, active and fun. It is a joy to see children blossom as the year goes on and to journey with them to the Sacraments.

The Joy of Teaching Vanspec

Each child is different and brings his/her own strengths into the class. They have taught me to ‘just be in the moment and take one step at a time’.

A Wonderful Program for Our Daughter

VANSPEC has played a huge part in Mary’s life and our family life over the years. I will always be grateful that Mary made her First Holy Communion and Confirmation with the help of the dedicated, volunteer teachers.

The One-to-One

Volunteering is a passage of reflective encounters certain to enlighten an ongoing faith formation of the true presence of God.