A big part of my life


I’ve been with Vanspec since 2013 & it was through Fr. Lawrence Donnelly (our St. Jude’s Parish Pastor at the time) who recommended my Mom to enroll me at Vanspec. I simply thought at the time that I will only study at Vanspec for 2 Years to prep for Confirmation. After my 2 years as a student, I received the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Jude’s & began to realize that Vanspec turned out to be WAY MORE than that! When Sr. Esther took over the role as Director, she started the Vanspec Alumni Group & that was a big turning point for me. I started meeting & making an AWESOME Group of friends through that Vanspec Alumni Circle that consisted of John Milkovic, Jacob Fresnoza, Mary McLaughlin & Rene Chan. We all would meet with Sr. Esther every other Saturday on afternoons to continue Bible Studies, participate in outings & simply enjoy the companionship! Sr. Rhonda went on to continue this during her time as Director, and she also developed volunteer opportunities for John, Rene, and I. Now I have 2 Vanspec Summer Camps under my belt & am already looking forward to Summer Camp #3, plus many, many more in the years to come! Vanspec is now a big part of my life & always will be. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL.

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