A Different Kind of Superhero


In the years that I have been involved in Vanspec, I have had the great pleasure of meeting many wonderful families and their amazing kids. I have numerous great memories, but one stands out above all others.

In 2014, “D”, a young teen with Down Syndrome, was preparing for his First Communion. The day had arrived for his First Reconciliation. His teacher had been ‘practicing’ with him; going over what the priest might ask, making sure that “D” knew how to respond and ensuring that he was not too nervous. As they walked down the hallway to the Vanspec chapel, his teacher asked him if he was ready. “D” gave her a very confident “thumbs up” and from his back pocket, pulled out a Superman cape.

He tied it at his neck and proceeded into the chapel to meet the Vanspec Chaplain. Our Director at the time, Sr. Kathy Stark, looked at me and we both started to tear up. His teacher and his mom, who had no idea about the cape, were speechless.

To this day, that image of a confident young man is his Superman cape still makes me smile and tear up. He is a true superhero!

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