It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Vanspec. It is run by a group of dedicated and professional leaders, admin staff and volunteers whose primary focus is teaching their students and whose secondary focus is supporting each other as needed. The expectation is that every student will grow in self-esteem, spirituality, faith and the knowledge of the love of God, the life of Jesus, the Sacraments, the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother. Each session begins with a prayer which sets the tone for the lesson.

At the first meeting at the beginning of each New Year the leaders and teachers go over the Vanspec prospectus and either learn, or recap, the requirements for ensuring the physical, emotional and educational needs of all staff and students. It is also an opportunity to familiarize them with the relevant available files, books, materials and activities. The many resources are clearly labelled and available for the students to learn and to make good quality and attractive models, pictures etc.

At Vanspec the ethos is peaceful, spiritual, active and fun. At the end of each session leaders, teachers and students meet to ‘show and tell’ what they have achieved during their lesson. This enables the students to feel confident, respected and valued as they do the same for each other. It is a joy to see children blossom as the year goes on and to journey with them to the Sacraments. Long may Vanspec continue to impart the faith so beautifully to little ones. God bless you.

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